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We operate a Two Campus Model. Our campuses in AGRIBUTEC and Billington Vocational Training Centre offer students the unique opportunities. (AGRIBUTEC specializes in Agricultural Production and Management, while at Billington, specializes in Technical Courses). With our wide range of distinct and experiential courses, at each of our campuses you’ll find expansive opportunities to connect the World of Work, or further training at University level, world-wide. AGRIBUTEC-Billington is a College of Choice.

We strive to be committed to the students we are privileged to serve, in our alumni association, our dedicated, talented faculty and staff. We also take pride in having the most active and helpful group of partners, visionary parents, well-wishers, alumni and friends.

On behalf of Directors and Management, I welcome all the visitors to this Website. I feel that you will
discover that ABC is a College where all the learners of agricultural and technical studies shall enjoy studying and grow academically. Every learner is
a valuable asset and is like a precious seed which has the potential to grow, if it is nourished with knowledge, skills and the right environment and under the right guidance.

This website is designed to provide information to our potential students and stakeholders about the courses and other programs we provide. It will also introduce you to our college sites, some of the exciting things occurring in the College. The site serves as a gateway to the larger ABVC community, showcasing the range of projects, research, professional and educational opportunities available within our College. I hope this information encourages you to become a part of the dynamic field of agriculture, business and technical studies at the AGRIBUTEC-Billington Vocational College.

Our Theory of Change is: “If ABC is nurtured professionally and ethically; then Communities where our Graduates shall serve will immensely benefit from the skills, knowledge and benchmarked practices in agriculture, business and technical fields, and therefore, collectively with other stakeholders, we shall drive Ugandan economy into sustainable development”.

ABC invites stakeholders of the agricultural disciplines, graduates in business, private sector, government agencies, researchers from various disciplines, universities, industries, civil society organizations, to partner with us so as to mutually leverage our efforts and capabilities for the benefit of society. We recognize the importance of every stakeholder as indispensable.

Our Vision is to be nationally and internationally a Recognized College in agricultural, business and technical studies for sustainable development.

Our Mission is to produce employable agricultural, business and technical studies Graduates who foster Community Development.

Organizational leaders and Development Actors recognize that effectively developing human resources, in vocational skills and knowledge, is the driving force behind the success of their organizations and economies. More importantly, for students who truly want to make a difference in society, first and foremost, their success begins and ends with appropriate and competent training in vocational skills. A Diploma or Certificate in agricultural and vocational Studies provides a strong foundation for understanding and implementing poverty reduction interventions.

Thank you all for the opportunity you will provide us to partner with you! Enjoy your reading.


MBA (Accounting and Finance);
PGDipFM; PGDipEd; BA (Econ)

Our Thrust our current intervention areas include;

Agriculture, Technical, and Business

A major thrust of the ABC is to place emphasis on skill‐ based training through the Agricultural, Technical and Vocational Courses to meet the developmental needs of Uganda






The idea of a technical school was started by an individual in Serere Uppershops, who later attracted a Donor group headed by Andrew Billington to fund and establish the institute. The same Donor group founded and established Kadungulu S.S which was later taken up by the Government. The school started in a rented place within Serere Uppershops town.

The institute acquired 3 plots of land (100” X 50” each plot) in Erika Road Serere Uppershops.

 Raised some class room structures for students, Main Hall and Office block.

Students were enrolled in Carpentry, Tailoring, Motor vehicle mechanics, and Building.

First lot of Students to sit for UBTEB sat in Olio Community Polytechnic in Junior III and Craft year 1 levels.

Got full sets of training tools in all departments under Tools with a Mission.

Driving and Secretarial courses were also introduced after acquiring a training vehicle and typewriting machines.

Got Brass Band instruments and the first Brass Band team in Serere was trained at Billington V.T.C.

Conducted community outreach skills training programs in several sub-counties of Serere.

Other land was purchased later named Annex, Staff quarters constructed and a Borehole was dag on the same land.








Partnered with Hylbary Youth Trust (HYT) and sent a team of students to Kadungulu to train on how to make and use ISSB block making machines where they built a boy’s hostel at Kadungulu S.S with the same technology.

Got ISSB machines.

Acquired an operational License from the Ministry of Education and Sports on 03rd May, 2017 license number ME/VOC/345


Got a UBTEB centre number UBT405 on 25th April, 2019.

Boys hostel was constructed at Annex.

First candidates – 30 in number were registered and sat under UBT405.

COVID 19 inteference

01st January, 2021 – BVTC’s ownership was transferred to AGRIBUTEC management.

Awarded a certificate of compliance from the District Health Inspector allowing BVTC to operate during the COVID19 season.



The Question is: Why study at AGRIBUTEC-Billington College?

Our campuses in AGRIBUTEC and Billington VTC, place the student at the epicenter of some of the fastest growing and most dynamic agricultural developments in the country, with each campus offering the standards of excellence in innovative and student-centered education. We operate Two-System Campus Model at AGRIBUTEC and Billington Campuses. Through your studies at AGRIBUTEC-Billington College, you can expect to acquire specialized skills and essential knowledge in agriculture, business and technical courses, but also benefit from experiencing personal growth. Having an established set of goals allows the College to assess outcomes at the Certificate and Diploma levels, which leads to continuous improvement and innovation of our teaching approach over the previous decade.

Training that economically and socially pays

  • Investing in AGRIBUTEC-Billington College training assuredly means investing in an individualized learning experience that focuses on personal growth and practical agricultural and technical skills application.
  • This unique approach prepares our graduates to step into the workforce career-ready and places them among the highest alumni salary earners in Uganda.

Nationally Recognized Courses:     

AGRIBUTEC-BILLINGTON College is known for its small class sizes, dedicated instructors and hands-on learning. Our Courses enjoy national recognition and a reputation for the world-of-work teaching excellence. As an AGRIBUTEC-Billington College student, you receive personalized education in a small class setting, allowing you to form meaningful relationships with your Lecturers and Instructors and accordingly engage deeply in your field of study.


Internships and Apprenticeships

AGRIBUTEC-Billington College offers a wide variety of unique internships with local, national institutions as well as international institutions such as AgroStudies in Israel, Cornell University in the United States of America, including opportunities to collaborate with our growing network of successful alumni.


Placement/Employment after College

With all the practical experience and personal connections afforded to students, it’s no surprise that 95% of our graduates surveyed in 2019, were working in their field or pursuing further education within six months of graduation! Almost all of them indicated that they were working in fields related to their training experience.


Billington Campus Courses:

Billington VTC, provides students with the technical skills to excel in their careers and the communication and leadership skills to contribute to their communities. At Billington VTC, the following are running: Motor vehicle mechanics, Carpentry, Garments and Fashion designs as well Information Communication Technology.



Certificate in Agricultural Production and Management and Diplomas in Crop and Animal Production and Management.

Those yet in the pipeline are: National Diploma and Certificate in Business and Management; National Diploma & Certificate in Agri-Business; National Diploma & Certificate in ICT; National Diploma & Certificate in Project Planning and Management.

Non-formal education:

The aim of this Program is to educate both women and men who did not get a chance for formal education. Among others, these include various Vocational Certificate Awards by Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), Ministry of Education and Sports. They are short courses of 3-6 months’ duration; namely Tractor operations and Basic Mechanics; Poultry production, management and Value Addition; Piggery production, management and Value Addition; Horticultural production, management and Value Addition; Hair Dressing; Carpentry and Joinery; Welding and Metal Fabrication; Motor cycle Repairs and Maintenance; Entrepreneurship and Business Planning; Computer Studies [Graphics, Applications, Repair and Maintenance, etc.]; Financial Literacy.

Agro-forestry and Environment Management:

The natural environment of the world is in danger and restoration of fauna and flora through tree planting and sustainable farming methods have been adopted.

Agriculture and Community Outreach

Promoting Rural Development that improves the agricultural production and productivity through developing sustainable self-sufficient food processes and enhancing rural incomes.

Business Development and Management:

Promoting professional business planning skills and knowledge in local communities as essential instruments to ensure opportunities for sustainable economic development through setting up micro-enterprises in agricultural, crafts and ICT. By doing this, the role of women and youth is promoted.

Vocational skills Training:

Promoting vocational education as an indispensable opportunity for improved living conditions-offering business courses, agricultural courses and non- formal training for adaptive skills for life. The skills are examined by the Directorate of Industrial Training in the Ministry of Education and Sports. [Refer to 2 above]

Short Functional Courses


·            Financial Literacy (personal finance-savings, budgeting, investment, debt management)

·            Project Planning & Management (Project identification, appraisal, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment, etc.)

·            Entrepreneurship (Bakery and Confectionery, liquid soap making, other selected vocational studies, poultry, piggery, horticulture)

·            Financial Management Basics (Accounting, Costing, Auditing, Financial Reporting, Investment, Resource Mobilization and Grant Management, Procurement, Fraud Prevention and Management, Marketing, etc.