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This is a 2 year taught program aimed at training middle level technicians who are at the forefront in production of animal production including disease control. The course also absorbs interested candidates who are unable to be admitted directly into degree programs and can subsequently further their studies on successful completion of this program. In addition; upon completion of the training, the graduates can easily be engaged in personal businesses or be absorbed in the public and private sectors where they can be employed as technical staff in teaching, extension etc. The graduates are also highly sought by Non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) due to their skills in managing community-based organisation projects.
Programme Objective
The objective of the programme of Diploma in Animal Production and Management is to produce graduates with the professional agricultural knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform competently as agricultural change agents within their communities and make livestock farming a lucrative enterprise.
Specific Objectives

  • To produce professionals equipped with adequate, basic theoretical and practical knowledge in farm animal husbandry, health and disease control.
  • To produce skilled graduates who are job creators in livestock enterprises.
  • To produce graduates who will support improved delivery of demand-driven and market-oriented advisory services to farmers to promote their progression from subsistence to market-orientation.
  • To produce professionals that will assist in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of technology development and dissemination.

Target Group
The programme targets students who are:

  • Holders of a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), A’level, or its equivalent.
  • Holders of a certificate in Agriculture or agriculture related field.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of Diploma in Animal Production and Management programme will find employment in the Ministries of Agriculture Animal resources and Fisheries, livestock advisory services and consultancy, Private farms, Public animal production offices, Veterinary pharmaceutical industry and research institutions.