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The modular assessment is aimed at testing trainees on the basic and fundamental knowledge and skills of automotive service, maintenance and repair while putting emphasis on core requirements of a well- trained automotive mechanic required by world of work. The assessment is in line with the requirements stipulated in the automotive curriculum of the National Curriculum Development Centre. Furthermore, the assessment stresses the major elements of a Health and Safety Management System which will help trainees to exhibit improved OHSE awareness and understand the best safety practices while at work. The assessment will concentrate on the completed module to verify whether the trainee has acquired all the necessary competences of the module and to test whether the training outcome has been achieved. The competences to be assessed are clearly defined for each module covered within the time allocated. The modules assessed per package in this course are in the manner that will help the trainee exhibit particular skills to be used to execute various tasks of the respective time of study. The modular assessment stipulates that each module should be fully assessed with all the necessary technology, mathematics, technical drawing science and calculations. This means that the sub – modules in module like; mathematics, technical drawing science and calculations have been identified to fall under particular modules to help the trainee apply them to the given module at a particular study time. As stipulated by the NCDC curriculum for National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics, if implemented, this assessment should produce Automotive Mechanics who are able do the following:
1. Exhibit improved OHSE awareness.
2. Fabricate components and machine parts
3. Service and maintain engines in good working conditions.
4. Install, repair and maintain the electrical/ electronic system in a vehicle
5. Prepare reports, budgets, and operation plans
6. Promote and ensure safety of workers and plant
7. Initiate and manage small Business Enterprises.