The modularization of assessment is intended to bring together a particular set of skills and competencies that can lead to an occupation or job as a complete package. The completion of such packages by the trainee leads to a certificate of competence in that particular module. It is the trainee's responsibility to pursue additional training or to enter the workforce for any gainful employment. This will help the trainees to compile their learning achievements, and those that may not be able to undertake the entire training can join the world of work and come back later when they need more sets of skills. The trainee will be given a complete certificate on completion of all the packages under that certificate. This will also help in the recognition of prior learning for those who join the training with some experience. In addition, the modularization of assessment is meant to integrate other skills like entrepreneurship, communication, computer skills, and work ethics through a typical work process, which can lead to the production of a holistically trained graduate who can perform to the required standard in the world of work.