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Building Construction

The Ministry of Education and Sports is spearheading modularization of assessment as part of the implementation of the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) policy, 2019 reforms. This Modular Assessment Syllabus (MAS) has been derived from the NCDC curriculum of National Certificate in Building Construction (2016) which is currently being taught and assessed for trainees. The syllabus looked at related content in the curriculum and realigned it into nine (9) modules of; Bricklaying, Concreting, Steel bending and fixing, Roof construction, Wall finishes, Tiling, Painting, Real Life project and Industrial training emphasizing skills acquisition for the workforce to stimulate service delivery and infrastructural development both in private and public sectors. Six (6) other support modules have been identified and included which have to be done by trainees who wish to pursue further education. The support modules include; Technician Mathematics, Communication Skills, Computer Applications, Kiswahili, Computer Aided Building Drawing and Entrepreneurship Skills. The modules are flexible and allow candidates interested in academic progression to join at any time while participating in productive activities for community transformation.